What we do

If you're fighting a horde of unruly Excel spreadsheets, or grappling with a database from the Stone Age, we can help.

Are you drowning in data?

Over time, many businesses and organisations find themselves struggling with multiple spreadsheets or legacy databases that have outlived their function.

Once, your systems were fit for purpose. But you've grown since then and your systems haven't grown with you.

You're probably compensating for the shortcomings with manual fixes. But that means you're doing things by hand that should really be done by a computer. More to the point, you're wasting time on workarounds that you could be spending on real work.

How we can help

If you're sinking into spreadsheet chaos, we can take your existing data and organise it into a single clear, logical and user-friendly relational database. In the process, we'll make your work quicker, more effective and far more enjoyable.

We're often asked to work with data on:

  • Customers: profiles, history, transactions and more
  • Staff: HR data on experience, skills, qualifications, employment history, training
  • Financials: accounts, transactions, billing, statements
  • Products: item databases, stock control, order processing, logistics control
  • Confidential user data: records of patients/clients, treatments, service providers.

However, we can work with pretty much any type of data. Whatever information you work with, we can build a database to handle it.

Helping you work smarter

Your database will allow you to access key information much more quickly. Processes that used to take 20 minutes are often cut down to 20 seconds. In a connected business environment, that gives you a real edge in terms of serving customers, analysing information and making management decisions.

Your database can be made available offline or online and accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. It can be securely hosted on the high-availability mirrored servers at our own datacentre, or at your own premises. Your data can be backed up every day, every hour or in real time.

We also offer one year's free support and three years free bug fixes.

Flexible and secure

We are experts in all the main database platforms – Microsoft Excel, IBM, Oracle, open source and more. So we're not limited to one technology, and we don't have a vested interest in selling you a particular platform.

With experience of projects for organisations such as the NHS, we are particularly strong on security. We've built databases to store highly confidential, personal and sometimes legally sensitive data safely and securely.

Planning for success

To make sure projects come in on time and on budget, we use a detailed planning method inspired by Japanese manufacturing.

Before we type a line of code, we specify everything about your system in exhaustive detail: what data will be included, how the database will handle it and how you'll use it.

You'll be able to see screenshots, descriptions and sample reports to get a complete understanding of how your system will work before it's built. That gives you the chance to change your mind, avoiding expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

The planning process lasts from a couple of days to a couple of months, depending on the size of your project. Taking the extra time upfront pays off later in development, and it isn't expensive in the context of your whole project. It's not an extra cost, but a way to make savings.

Our approach means no guesswork, no misunderstandings and no surprises. It's helped us deliver every one of our projects on time and on budget.

RD Research clients include: